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We're based in East London: the core of creative London

CRAFTSMANSHIP MIISTA brings together opposites in deliberate juxtapose; embodying an elegant balance in the unusual through an informed marriage of design, material and craft. All our materials are locally sourced from Italy and Spain. Although we have expanded a lot since 2010, growth has been organic and we’re still an independent company with a small, passionate team - but the core of our vision and success are our craftswo/men in Alicante, Spain; home to a highly skilled shoemaking community that has been upholding tradition since the 19th century.

COLLABORATION We always strive to continue launching products that offer real value. Real value comes not only from discerning planetary needs and opportunities for progress; but also from exploring the unique strengths created through collaboration. In our Miista sphere we consider the importance of collaborating not only with our crafts(wo)men and suppliers, but with other industry creatives and artists.

CREATIVITY We aim to strengthen our relationships with creatives and friends, whilst constantly innovating within the realms of Miista. But no innovation is possible without people who co-create. We experiment with materials, develop new making techniques and turn our initial sketches into sophisticated but wearable designs. Transforming the unfeeling with emotion, into the familiar: made for life. We aspire to create not only beautiful pieces, but to create content that is thought provoking and allows expression.

Internship program
We want to involve you in the creative part of the business. The goal of the internship is to learn how to manage a brand in the creative industry under the close supervision of the content and marketing department.

This opportunity is personal and unique. You will participate in the development of the content on our platforms and will be responsible for creating brand advocates. This role is designed for someone who wants to know more and likes to bring new solutions to the table.

We're looking for someone curious and eager to learn. Someone ready to experience hard work in building a brand. Collaboration skills, enthusiasm and sense of humour are essential, we're a small tight-knit team.

If you see opportunities everywhere and look for a creative interpretation of reality, resonate with our brand pillars based on collaboration, creativity and innovation.

You understand social media and know how to connect with an audience with inspiring content. You're also not afraid of spreadsheets and detail-driven tasks.

You are proud to help with research and the shoot production and post-production. 

This is an internship for you.

How to Apply
Email with the subject line: I want to intern with Miista

Give us an idea of who you are. You can use words, a video, a voice message or your portfolio where you share your unique talent and experience.

Include 3 Instagram accounts that inspire you or online visual references. Anything creative.

We're based in 33 Wadeson St London E2 9DR and would like you to come in at least two days a week. It's essential to be based in East London.

What you will learn
How to create experiences through visual content.

Gain knowledge about social media marketing and influencer engagement.

Professional experience into the collaborative visual development of the brand image.

Valuable insights into the dynamics of brand strategy and communications for creative businesses.

Broad understanding of consumer experiences and the importance of building trust and loyalty organically.

Participate in conversations with the press for editorial coverage.

Can't wait to hear from you.

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