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Paris' Store Guidelines

Paris, I’m sure we can all testify to having to make adjustments to our lives in light of the pandemic, and that’s no different for us here at Miista.

We have thought very carefully about how to reopen in a way that ensures your safety as a priority, and for that reason, there will be some changes that we would like to let you know about.

Going forward, we will only be allowing three customers to enter the store at a time. We will only be allowing two customers to enter the store at a time. To make this easier for you, you have the option of booking a time slot, free of charge, just email

For more information visit

If the store is full please queue outside with a two-metre distance between yourself and the person in front of you, while we wait to serve you.

Face masks, antibacterial gel, and gloves will be available for you to use during your time at the store, and distancing measures for browsing will be in place to ensure your safety.

As always, you are more than welcome to try anything on. We will designate an area for you to use whilst at the store and provide you with thin plastic socks in order to reduce direct contact with the product.

Once you are happy with your selection, we will ship a fresh pair from our warehouse to you completely free of charge within 48 hours of purchasing. Please note that currently, we are still unable to accept cash payments.

We understand that this might initially seem unusual to you, but we want to ensure your safety, and give you something that is only handled by you.

Thank you so much for your cooperation, 

It’s great to have you back!