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Miista Fix It SZN

Raven Smith Hero-image
Raven Smith Hero-image

with Raven Smith

Can Raven Smith Convert You? 

Welcome to Miista Fix It SZN. As a small and close knit team based between London and Spain, we’ve spoken a lot over the last year about what sustainability means to us, to the industry we work in, and what we can do to combat this crazy cycle of constant consumption we find ourselves in. Something we all agreed on is that we hate buzzwords, and that as a fashion brand, we can’t really claim to be ‘sustainable’. 

But we do know what it’s like to craft a shoe that not only will last forever, but takes twenty times longer to make because we want the style and material to be just right. We know how to deal with all the offcuts we find on our factory floor (we’re making patchwork boots with them, stay tuned), and we know what it’s like to continually invest in the best quality material for our shoes, from the Italian nappa leather we use to the squidgy foam we love to make sure your shoes are comfy. 

We also get what it’s like to grow up with one pair of shoes bought for you a year that you have to keep tip top! If they break? You mend them. If they loose their shine? You find a good cobbler who can sort that out for you! 

So we decided to launch a fixing service at Miista. Collaborating with a crop of international cobblers who we trust and respect, we’re offering a discounted service when you have your Miista shoes repaired.

There was really no other person than Raven Smith to launch this for us. A self-confessed super fan of fixing and mending, Raven joined us in the Miista Fix It SZN studio for a day exploring what it really means to fix your stuff. 

But we also wanted to give our platform to the people who are creating some of the most important and radical change in the industry around circularity, sustainability and fashion, without the jargon. Here on the journal, for Miista Fix It SZN, we’ve spoken to founder of the iconic Fashion Revolution Orsola de Castro, who is leading radical change in the fashion industry based on fixing and mending - writer, activist and founder of the hugely impactful think tank Slow Studio Celine Semaan - artist, designer and photographer Ana Kras shares her experience growing up in communist Belgrade in the 1980s and how it’s shaped her approach to fashion - and film director and stylist Pam Nasr speaks about her circular approach to fashion and how it’s impacted her creative aesthetic. 

So, please look after your shoes, keep them in the closet for twenty years then rediscover them later, but don’t throw things away. Ok?

You can find Miista Fix It partners internationally below:

New York, United States

Cobbler Express

60 Wall Street, NY 10005

Paris, France 

Cordonnerie Jacques

111 Boulevard de Charonne, Paris 75011

Barcelona, Spain

La Clínica Del Calçat

Carrer de Calvet, 30, 08021 Barcelona, Spain

London, United Kingdom


80 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DN

Terms and Conditions:

All our repair partners are offering a discounted rate for all Miista product repairs. Please contact our repair partners directly for a quote relating to your personal item. Should you need advice or guidance on this please email


Don’t buy new if you can repair!

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Fix It with Raven Smith

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